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Mobile AR simulation game

Char is a mobile augmented reality(AR) game. Stuff will catch on fire and the players need to extinguish as much fire and prevent everything from burning. The water recharges slowly though so be mindful 🔥

Interaction Designer
3D Designer


Unity 3D
Lightship ARDK
Technical Art


Keeseok Jeong (coaching)

Highlight #1
C# Programming

This project has been an opportunity for me to grow in depth as a developer in many ways. I got a better grasp of Object-Oriented Programming, Unity Physics, and Vector Math. I also learned to code intuitively and efficiently using the state machine design pattern, and even dabbled in custom tool-building making my custom voxel asset creator.

Highlight #2
Niantic Lightship AR

With Niantic Lightship APIs, I learned to utilize depth occlusion, plane tracking, cursor rendering, hit-testing, and even light estimation. The virtual environment playback was especially useful and efficient since I didn't have to build the app everytime I had to test the AR.

Highlight #3
VFX / Particles

The fire and water system were built utilizing Unity's particle system and the Visual Effects Graph. I focused on achieving natural behaviors and some realism, while keeping the style consistent to the rest of the game.

Highlight #4
Fire / Water

Visuals aside, these two elements were built to behave like that of the real-world. The fire spreads more quickly upwards, different elements have different ignition threshold, and is operated by a temperature system. The water is affected by gravity, splashes when hitting a surface, and it takes more than an instant to extinguish the fire.

Highlight #5
User Interface (UI)

Char involves a lot of UI components from buttons, panels, water gauge, etc. I made design decisions to accommodate for AR contents and mobile viewports.

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