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Gamified mobile social AR
Niantic Real-World AR Challenge—2023
Health/Wellness Category Winner

Kindling is a gamified social app that brings people together and kindle relationships. People put collective effort into their groups as campmates to maintain and upgrade their camp, explore together, and 'keep their fire alive.'

Interaction Designer
Project Manager


Unity 3D
Lightship ARDK
Lightship Maps/VPS
Project Management


Alvin Jeong
Peter Jeong
Keeseok Jeong

Highlight #1
A Social Environment

Kindling leans significantly on the social aspect. Camps are like servers where you and your friends/family maintain and upgrade. Users can chat, create and join events, and explore the world together.

Highlight #2
Resource Management

The three resources are the backbones of sustaining a camp. Wood is for feeding and maintaining the fire, Food is used for camp activities such as creating an event or deploying the camp in public. Coins are used for upgrades all across the game especially for cosmetic items.

Highlight #3
Lightship Maps

Lightship Maps API provided a solid structure for me to get the users' GPS location, localize the maps in different locations, and build out the map with separated infrastructures such as roads, buildings, parks, etc. I also spawn resources invisibly throughout random locations using the API, that becomes visible when the users are in proximity.

Highlight #4
Visual Positioning System (VPS)

I use Niantic's VPS locations as public "campgrounds" where the users can deploy their camps using food. These locations are marked on the map as a tent and deployed camps generate income over time.

Highlight #5
Semantic Segmentation

Niantic's semantic segmentation API allows the device to understand and be aware of its context and environment. When the user points at trees with the camera they can tap to earn wood, dig up some coins from the ground, fish for food from the ocean.

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