A bit more about me.

I'm an Interaction Designer made XR Developer. I figured I not only love to design, but also to bring those design—my imagination to life.

I spent half my life in Korea and I'm bilingual. Or maybe bye-lingual now that so many years have passed. 🤔 Anyhow, I'm incredibly thankful to have been connected in both cultures and people, invaluable experience.

There's a term I love: Renaissance-man—a person with many areas of knowledge. I want to be an XR Developer, an Interaction Designer, a Technical Artist, a Music Composer, and many more. I'm persistent with my curiosities and want to pursue proficiency in things I love.

›› I was an Interaction Designer before I became an XR Dev.
›› I was in Korea for half of my life.
›› I'm curious and like to pursue my interests.