Hello 👋😁

I'm Alvin, studying Interaction Design at the University of Washington.

What I do is all about applying creativity—creatively and getting in people's shoes to bring gratifying and refreshing designs. To do this effectively, I practice seeing the world and its problems without any set scope or frame because I believe that is when breakthroughs happen.

I have black curly hair, about 5' 8" tall, with 20/20 vision. The vision might not be accurate anymore due to college and screens. I like staying up as well as sleeping in but unfortunately, only one of the two has been possible for the last couple of years. My favorite food is fried chicken, favorite movie is Ratatouille, favorite holiday is Christmas, and favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry. In the future, I want 7 dogs, a Tesla model S, and to have lived about 75 years.